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Freitag, 2. Juni 2017, 07:20

Vikings: Adam Thielen looks to show last season wasn’t a fluke

n the midst of a breakout Adam Thielen Womens Jersey campaign that made him a Vikings starter, Adam Thielen presumed hed spend time in the offseason reflecting on the wild ride from small-town star at Minnesota State to the Vikingsleading receiver. But even with Alan Page Authentic Jersey a new three-year, $27 million contract signed in the offseason, Thielen said the moment for reflection still hasnt come. Now, hes dedicated to proving last season wasnt a fluke. Im waiting until Im done playing to reflect,Thielen Andrew Sendejo Kids Jersey said at the Vikingsorganized team activities last week. Ive got too much to work on, too many big goals, to reflect on anything. Im just going to come out here everyday and try to get better and bring the same mindset Ive brought since I got to the league.Sidney Rice was the last…en-jerseys.html Vikings receiver…rr-jerseys.html to do it with 1,312 yards in 2009. But with Sam Bradford under center, Thielen…on-jerseys.html quickly became a go-to receiver for the Vikings, totaling 967 yards on 69 catches for five touchdowns, just ahead of Diggs903 receiving yards.


Samstag, 3. Juni 2017, 05:23

Yeezy Boost Ultra Boost 73474 Cheap Martell Webster Jersey

hey would have a 271 very hard time in getting back, and Frederick evidently thought he was a long distance from Fort Conger,Nike Air Max Femme 2017 Pas cher, seeming rather


Samstag, 3. Juni 2017, 17:25

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