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Samstag, 15. September 2018, 08:20

ill build a solid national defense.

By Kimathi Kamau

NAIROBI, April 22 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday
signed the historic Anti-Doping Bill into law thus beating the May 2 deadline
set by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

A statement issued in Nairobi after the signing ceremony witnessed by
prominent sportsmen and women said Kenyatta made it clear that the signing of
the law is not an end by itself but rather the continuation of his government' s
efforts to stand against cheating and corruption in the sporting and athletics

"As I have repeatedly emphasized, Kenya is 100 percent committed to ensuring
total compliance with international regulations on sports and athletics, be they
set by WADA, IAAF, the International Olympic Committee or any other
International Organisation," he said.

Kenyatta said the East African nation is committed to ensuring that Kenyan
sports teams compete by the book because "we believe that across the board,
Kenyans are more than able to win fairly."

Kenya has twice missed to implement the new laws, first on Feb. 11 and now on
April 5, but the global anti-doping agency has pardoned them.

But it has now warned if it fails to meet the May 2 deadline, the country
will be banned from the Rio Olympics.

The country came to the limelight three years ago for doing nothing to curb
doping, which was 43 cases reported in the last three years alone.

However, sports officials and IAAF have come to the country defence saying
the cases were not systematic and couldn' t apply a blanket ban on the athletes.

However, the country remained adamant and did little to boost its anti-doping
campaign with all out-of-competition tests done by either IAAF or the World
Marathon Majors (WMM).

Since the 2012 London Olympics four senior track and field officials are
under investigation by the IAAF Ethics Committee for what the global body said
was possible subversion of the anti-doping process.

While signing the Bill, Kenyatta pointed out that cheating in whatever way is
a dis-service to the potential of players and the talent of athletes.

He expressed confident that WADA will look upon the passage of the
anti-doping law favourably as a sign of Kenya' s unwavering commitment to
meeting the highest international standards.

"Yet even as our national leadership takes these necessary steps to
compliance, I want to urge our athletes and sportsmen and women to hold
themselves to the highest possible code of conduct," said the President.

He said Kenyan athletes have earned reputation as sportsmen and women of the
highest stature through hard work over the years.

"That reputation has been earned diligently through the exertion and effort,
sweat and sacrifices of many hardworking men and women," he said.

However President Kenyatta made it clear that those who breach the law will
be punished without fear of favour. He said the law will not only apply to
individually athletes and players but to teams too. Enditem

Lopez Bulls Jersey
, March 7 (Xinhua) -- Cambodian experts have voiced
their support for China's defense budget for 2015, saying it will build a solid
national defense.

China on Thursday sets its 2015 defense budget at 886.9 billion yuan (about
144.2 billion U.S. dollars), a 10.1 percent rise year- on-year and its lowest
increase in five years. "The rise is reasonable and in line with China's defense
needs. There is nothing strange about this," Phay Siphan, spokesman for the
Cambodia's Council of Ministers, told Xinhua on Friday. "I commend China for
enhancing its defense sector in order to safeguard its sovereignty and
territorial integrity and to ensure peace, security and development."

Phay Siphan believes that China's solid defense sector poses no threat to the
region. "Through its history until the present time, I have never seen China use
its armed forces to conquer other countries," he said. " China's foreign policy
has adhered to a path of peaceful development, so China's strong defense sector
will benefit Asia."

Chheang Vannarith, a senior researcher at the Cambodian Institute for
Cooperation and Peace, said on Saturday that China's defense budget for 2015 is
reasonable, due to the size of its economy and its national security

He agreed that China's increasing military capability would pose no threat to
the region. "China has shown its commitment to pursuing a doctrine of peaceful
development without threatening other countries," he said. "Without regional
peace and stability, China cannot sustain its economic growth and provide
opportunities to its huge population."

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