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Samstag, 15. September 2018, 07:34

Chinese people's cherishing of their national unity and stability. The discussions should not be forgotten, accidentall

There are many different types of
fundraising Bill
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, but golfing is perhaps one of the biggest. One day golf
charity affairs can raise untold amounts of money for organizations. Medical
organizations, like the American Cancer Society, can routinely raise between 20
and 50 thousand dollars, simply by having a golf benefit. But tournament
organizers but go above and beyond. They can no longer get away with posting a
simple tee sign at a hole and expect the sponsor to be happy.

There are
even more glamorous charity events that can raise even more money, even only in
a day or over a weekend. For instance, Michael Strahan, of the New York Giants,
recently kicked off his even with a concert by Alicia Keys at a restaurant in
Manhattan. Strahan was the MC and got the celebrity crowd to part with more than
300 thousand dollars for prizes like a week on a yacht and a custom built
motorcycle. The next day there was golf, which brought in even more money and
even more benefit for the children's charities that he was supporting.

There are lots of reasons that golf events work wonders for fund
raising. First of all, they are a lot of fun to play in, even if the golfers are
casual golfers and aren't pro or serious about the sport. They can also provide
great networking opportunities for golfers and charities alike, so people are
more apt to do these types of fundraisers. Not only that, but golf events can
publicize these worthy causes, making them more likely to be in the public eye.
The National Golf Foundation estimated that in the year 2002, golf events
actually raised around $3 billion for charity. The GTAA estimates that there is
about 5 billion dollars raised each year through golf charities.

the current economy, however, golf events are seeing the same types of
frustration that other events are seeing. There are more golf events, because
more charities are trying to get the money that they need. They know that golf
events usually work to bring in the cash, but the events themselves are being
attended by less people, so there is less total money being raised.

way for charities to break through the problems with the economy and get that
money from sponsors is simple; they must do things that other events aren't
doing. For instance, just charging a fee to put up a golf tournament sign during
the event isn't going to bring in the same sponsors that it used to but if the
event can make each sponsor a participant in some way and do something fun or
new with the sponsors, they'll see an influx in them and therefore be receiving
more money from them. It is important to actually make the tournament into a
marketing tool for the sponsors, because this is where the money comes from and
so this is what organizers need to focus on.

For instance, if those that
are participating in the tournament are all doctors, they will be able to
attract a great sponsorship package from medical supply companies or equipment
companies. This can bring in lots of money. However, tournaments that charge
players but don't have many sponsors might end up not really making that much
money after they have paid for course costs and other things.

Participants are attracted to golf events because they usually get to
play on a course that they would be unable to play on during their regular
lives. They get food and drink, often get goody bags, and might just get to hang
around a smart or famous crowd of people.

In order to have a golf event
that goes off without a hitch and makes the type of money that you need, it is
important to plan it all exactly correctly. This takes time, and might even take
some practice on your part. However, if you are raising money for a large
charity, and want to bring it all in at once, a golf event can do just that.
BEIJING, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- "Reviewing what you have learned and learning
anew, you are fit to be a teacher," Confucius famously said.

As reports of a possible meeting between Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama are
circulating, it is time to remind the U.S. president of his words in Beijing
about three months ago.

On the evening of Nov. 11, President Xi Jinping and the visiting U.S.
president discussed building a new China-U.S. relationship at Yingtai in the
Zhongnanhai leadership compound in downtown Beijing.

Through their discussions, Obama said he had a better understanding of
Chinese people's cherishing of their national unity and stability.

The discussions should not be forgotten, accidentally or intentionally. Nor
should the U.S leader's words the following day be forgotten.

Then, in another meeting with Obama, Xi outlined six priorities in building a
new type of major-country relationship, one of which goes that it is inevitable
to have differences, but the two sides should always resort to dialogue and not
act against each other's core interests.

The U.S. president stressed that the United States acknowledges Tibet as part
of the People's Republic of China and does not back independence for the region.

Issues regarding Tibet concern China's core interests and national

Obama had met the Dalai Lama, a political exile who has long engaged in
anti-China secessionist activities in the name of religion, three times before
the discussions in the Zhongnanhai compound.

Despite the Dalai Lama's preaching of peace, tolerance and benevolence, his
main political objective has always been to pursue Tibet independence.

After the coming-together at Yingtai, the U.S. leader should understand any
meeting with the Dalai Lama would harm China-U.S. ties and hurt the Chinese
people's feelings.

China's stance on the issue has been clear and solemn representations have
been lodged in the past. China is firmly opposed to any meeting between any
country's leader and the Dalai Lama in any form.

The U.S. government led by President Obama
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