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Freitag, 24. August 2018, 02:29

Malcolm Brogdon


25 Durham
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, Santa Clara, California

LAST YEAR: Coach Kyle Shanahan's first year with San Francisco was tale of
two seasons. 49ers lost first nine games 鈥?including record five straight by
three points or fewer. But San Francisco posted most dramatic in-season
turnaround in NFL history by winning final five games after putting midseason
acquisition Jimmy Garoppolo in as starting quarterback.

IMPORTANT ADDITIONS: CB Richard Sherman, RB Jerick McKinnon, C Weston
Richburg, LB Jeremiah Attaochu, G Jonathan
Cooper Authentic
Johnny Townsend Jersey
, LB Korey Toomer, T Mike McGlinchey, WR Dante
Pettis, LB Fred Warner.

IMPORTANT LOSSES: RB Carlos Hyde, S Eric Reid, CB Dontae
Johnson Cheap
Donte Jackson Jersey
, DE Elvis Dumervil, C Daniel Kilgore, T Trent Brown,
G Brandon Fusco,

CAMP NEEDS: Biggest question marks are at cornerback and pass rusher. Sherman
was signed after being cut loose by Seattle and is working his way back from
Achilles tendon injury. He is no longer elite shutdown cornerback but is being
counted on by Niners. Ahkello Witherspoon showed promise as rookie but will need
to step up if San Francisco will have top-flight defense. 49ers were unable to
make major upgrades to pass rush in free agency or draft and are hoping for
better production from last year's first-round pick Solomon Thomas, as well as
free-agent acquisition Attaochu.

EXPECTATIONS: Full season of Garoppolo has created high hopes in San
Francisco for franchise that has second-fewest wins in NFL in past three seasons
with 13. Garoppolo is undefeated in seven starts as pro and earned $137.5
million contract in offseason based on his strong play after trade from New
England. Garoppolo won't be able to get San Francisco back to playoffs for first
time since 2013 on his own. He will need to find go-to
receiver Jimmy
Garoppolo Jersey
, hope McKinnon thrives as featured back, and defense led
by emerging star tackle DeForest Buckner improves.
The NBA's reigning Rookie
of the Year has joined a two-time Super Bowl champion to rally support for clean
water, a cause dear to both University of Virginia alumni.

Milwaukee Bucks player Malcolm Brogdon announced Thursday that he'll be the
first NBA ambassador for Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long's
Waterboys Initiative, which installs deep-borehole wells in east Africa.

A University of Virginia release says Long reached his initial goal of
building 32 wells, at $45,000
each Redskins
Derrius Guice Jersey
, the same week the Eagles won the Super Bowl last

At Virginia, Brogdon partnered with a nonprofit focused on affordable ceramic
water filters in South Africa.

The Hoos' generosity extends beyond water: Long donated his entire 2017
season salary to charities, and Brogdon had the money budgeted for his Rookie of
the Year campaign donated.


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