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Samstag, 11. August 2018, 09:55

said Mayor Rahm

CHICAGO: At least nine people were murdered in Chicago over the Independence
Day weekend in an explosion of gun violence branded "simply unacceptable" by its

There were 50 shootings from supper-time on Thursday through midnight Sunday
in the third most populous city in the United
States Alexander
Wennberg Jersey
, police said, triggering introspection and calls for
drastic action.

The Chicago Tribune gave an even higher toll, saying 82 people were
shot Zach
Werenski Jersey
, 14 fatally, over the July 4 holiday long weekend --
including a particularly brutal 13-hour stretch from Sunday afternoon in which
four people were killed and 26 wounded.

It also reported that police had shot five people, including two teenagers
who died after allegedly failing to obey an order to drop their weapons.

"The number of shootings and murders that took place over the holiday weekend
is simply
unacceptable Jack
Johnson Jersey
," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former chief of staff to
President Barack Obama.

He appealed for a greater community effort to "give our young people
alternatives to the street," on top of an effort to find ways to deploy more
police officers.

Chicago saw 415 murders last
year Sergei
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, more than any other major American city.

Sunday was a particularly bloody day, police said, as Chicago reeled.

"It was yesterday that we lost
it Artemi
Panarin Jersey For Sale
," Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy
told reporters, questioning whether "a fatigue factor" for officers contributed
to the surge in violence.

"We're square-rooting nine ways from Sunday what is it that
happened."McCarthy also blamed the court system.

"The criminal justice system in the state of Illinois is not devised to
reduce gun violence," he
said Seth
Jones Jersey For Sale
, calling for tougher gun laws and prosecutions.

In an editorial, the Tribune said flooding the streets with police was not
the only solution.

"If Chicago is to conquer this plague of violence in Chicago, the solutions
have to come from all of
us Sergei
Bobrovsky Salute to Service Jersey
," it said.

"If you're a parent or if you know one, that starts with you."


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