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Samstag, 11. August 2018, 06:53

Cheap Lamar Jackson Jersey

Texas was expected to be one of the major leagues’ top power teams this
season despite being in rebuilding mode.

The Rangers proved that premise to be true when they flexed their
considerable muscle on Friday and ripped five home
runs P.J. Hall
, three of them in the first two innings, to set the tone in an
11-3 victory over the Chicago White Sox in the first game of a three-game series
at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas.

The White Sox will try to get back on track with left-hander Carlos Rodon
(1-2, 3.70 ERA) taking the hill Saturday to oppose ageless Rangers right-hander
Bartolo Colon (4-5, 4.72).

The Rangers’ win provided a night off for closer Keone Kela, who on Wednesday
saved his 20th game in 20 chances, the longest season-opening streak in club
history. Kela broke Francisco Cordero’s 2004 record of 19 consecutive saves and
now has converted 22 straight chances dating to May 2017.

The 22 consecutive saves constitute the third-longest streak in Texas
history. Kela is nine saves shy of tying Joe Nathan’s club record of 31
consecutive converted saves in 2012.

“It’s a nice comfort zone to have,” Rangers manager Jeff Banister told the
Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Kela. “Most of the saves have been clean innings.
(It has been fun) to watch the maturation process of Key out there on a nightly
basis being able to calm it down and just go pitch by pitch.”

It looks as if the White Sox will be without right-hander Miguel Gonzales for
a while longer. Gonzales, who has been on the 60-day disabled list since April
18 with right rotator cuff inflammation, returned from his rehab assignment
after experiencing soreness in a throwing session after the start for Triple-A
Charlotte on Sunday.

“It’s a little setback,” White Sox manager Rick Renteria told about
Gonzales’ situation. “He still felt a little something so he’s going to be
re-seen, re-evaluated, and we’ll see where we go from there.”

Gonzalez opened the season in the rotation but was 0-3 with a 12.41 ERA
before landing on the disabled list. This is the second time he has had to
restart his rehab.

Rodon is scheduled to make his fifth start of the season. It will be his
third start on the road and fifth career start against Texas. He picked up the
win in his last start on June 24 at home against Oakland when he allowed two
runs and seven hits with three strikeouts in eight innings.

Rodon is 1-0 with a 3.91 ERA and .245 opponents’ average in his previous
starts against the Rangers.

Colon will head to the mound for the 17th time this season and make his 15th
start. He enters with 244 career
wins Cheap
Lamar Jackson Jersey
, most in MLB history by a native of the Dominican
Republic. He recently passed Juan Marichal (243) and is one win shy of matching
Nicaragua’s Dennis Martinez (245) for most victories by a native of Latin

Colon ranks among AL leaders in pitches per inning (fifth, 15.0) and SO/BB
ratio (ninth, 4.15) but has also permitted 19 home runs, third most in the AL.
He will pitch on an extra days’ rest after taking loss in the Rangers’ 2-0
defeat on Sunday at Minnesota.

The former White Sox pitcher (12 starts in 2009) did not face Chicago in the
clubs’ earlier series. He is 11-8 with a 3.84 ERA in 24 career appearances (all
starts) against Chicago.
Draymond Green’s remarkable postseason has pushed
beyond basketball, featuring Charles Barkley declaring he’d like to punch the
emotional Golden State forward, a death threat from a frustrated fan who Green
encouraged to get the help he needs, and an attempt by the All-Star to listen in
on the Pelicans huddle.

Oh, and it just so happens Green also became the first Warriors player to
ever average a triple-double in a postseason series.

”He’s just incredibly engaged and locked in. This is the best I’ve seen him
play all year,” coach Steve Kerr said. ”Draymond has to play hard to do what he
does. I think the playoffs have energized him.”

Green is at his best on the big stage and playing just on the edge – pushing
boundaries by being just physical enough without crossing the line, dishing out
just enough trash talk, though others may beg to differ.

Just as Barkley did.

Green flaps his mouth with the best of them in what many might consider
over-the-top gamesmanship, engaging with Rajon Rondo – Green praised his
opponent afterward – in what became a testy matchup during the Warriors’
five-game series win against the Pelicans. He tangled with Anthony Davis,

Green’s enormous personality prompted TNT analyst Barkley to go off and
declare Vontaze
Burfict Youth Jersey
, ”I want to punch him in the face, I really do.”

No biggie, Green just fired back.

”He’s seen me a million times. If he feels that strongly about it then punch
me in my face when you see me,” Green said. ”If you’re not going to punch me in
my face when you see me then shut up. It’s no different than somebody sitting
behind a computer screen tweeting, `I’ll knock you out,’ and you never see them
in life. Well he’s seen me a bunch of times and he’ll see me again this year.
Punch me in the face or if not, no one cares what you would have done. You’re
old and it is what it is.”

Barkley later apologized and called his comments inappropriate.

Green is in the middle of everything for the defending champion Warriors, and
that’s right where they want him as they try for a repeat title.

Next up is a date with James Harden, Chris Paul and the top-seeded Houston

”I live for playoff basketball,” Green said. ”It’s the most fun time of the
year for me, but just, you know, locking in and focusing.”

Tensions will certainly be high in these long-anticipated Western Conference
Finals. Everybody who plays with Green loves
him Mike
McGlinchey Jersey
, and those who have to face him rarely enjoy
themselves. He’s a menace on both ends, blocking shots, pounding the boards,
flying out of bounds to save loose balls, celebrating with a roar or flex of his

”Like I’ve said to you guys time and time again, he can basically play all
the positions on the floor,” Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry said. ”That’s what
makes it really difficult to play against them, just the versatility that those
guys have.”

Against New Orleans, Green averaged 14.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 10.0
assists. The Warriors are 26-0 overall in games where Green has a triple-double,
4-0 in the playoffs.

In the final two games of the first round against San Antonio, he had 18
rebounds then a playoff career-high 19 boards, then another 15 in Game 1 against
the Pelicans with a triple-double. He was one rebound shy of another
triple-double in Game 2 and short by one assist in the 113-104 Game 5 clincher
Tuesday night.

”I guess that’s great to be the first person in the history of a franchise to
something Uchenna
Nwosu Youth Jersey
, but nonetheless, you don’t get triple-doubles by
yourself,” Green said. ”You don’t get rebounds by yourself. You need everyone
else boxing out on the court. I don’t score points by myself. I’ve got great
teammates that find me and give me great shots, and I don’t make the baskets on
the pass that I deliver to them.

”So I don’t get fooled into thinking, `Oh, I averaged a triple-double in the
series because of me.”’

Green hardly could have expected his fiery style to bring on a death threat,
and he brushed it off with little concern. The Warriors increased their
security, even if comedian Andrew Polk apologized for his social media post
saying Green should be shot.

Green has swiftly moved forward.

After being told that Kerr called veteran Andre Iguodala the ”baby sitter” on
the floor, Green had fun with it: ”I need a baby sitter.”

And he hardly considered standing next to the Pelicans’ huddle any kind of
infraction. Official Josh Tiven told Green to move.

”I said, `Hey that ain’t no huddle, I’m just standing over here like they
standing over here,”’ Green said. ”It was fun. They was watching something of
us. It was pretty good.”

Green finished the night with 19 points, 14
rebounds Tyron
Smith Jersey
, nine assists, three steals and two blocked shots. About his

The Warriors want him to continue doing his thing, his way.

”Nothing surprises me but always just kind of impressed and you don’t want to
take a talent like that for granted, what he brings every single night,”
teammate Stephen Curry said. ”It’s fun to watch, the intensity he plays with and
timely plays on both ends of the floor, it’s what a gamer does and that’s what
he’s been his whole career. Earlier in his career, never, rarely showed up in
the stats sheet like his stuff is there right now – right now, it’s the whole
package, and it’s amazing.”

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