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Samstag, 14. Juli 2018, 06:44

Cheap Washington Redskins Hoodie

Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue was answering a question about
Boston’s defense on LeBron James during a teleconference when he tripped the
security system at his home.

A piercing alarm sounded.

”Uh-oh Cheap Tampa
Bay Buccaneers T-Shirts
,” Lue said Thursday as he punched in a
code to silence the screaming siren.

While Lue and his home were clearly safe, and the light-hearted moment passed
quickly, it was also symbolic of Cleveland’s urgent situation.

The Cavs are in a dangerous spot.

Beaten for the third time in Boston in these home-sweet-home Eastern
Conference finals, Cleveland will face its second elimination game of the
postseason on Friday night at Quicken Loans Arena.

Game 6 is for everything.

Except, of course, if there’s a Game 7 on Sunday in Boston.

Fueled by fueled-up Boston fans who must feel some sort of birthright to see
their cherished team play in the Finals, the youthful Celtics again showed zero
fear or hesitation on their parquet floor on Wednesday night during a 96-83 win
in Game 5 that was never in any doubt.

Despite shooting only 36 percent, the Celtics improved to 10-0 at home in the
playoffs as coach Brad Stevens changed his starting lineup, shortened his
rotation to seven and released waves of defenders at James, who looked worn down
as he attempts to advance to the NBA Finals for the eighth consecutive year.

Lue noticed early in Game 5 that James was dragging Packers Cheap
, but he’s confident the 33-year-old, who was chosen
All-NBA first team for a record 12th time, will be ready to save his season and
prolong what could be his final games with the Cavs.

”I know he’ll be ready to play Game 6, so fatigue won’t be a problem and an
issue,” Lue said. ”I’m pretty sure a lot of guys are tired during this stretch
of the year. If I had to pick one guy and choose one guy to prevail, it would be
LeBron. I know he’ll be great come tomorrow.”

Stevens started center Aron Baynes for the first time in the series and the
move helped slow James, who had been crushing the Celtics when guard Terry
Rozier switched on him. Rozier fronted James and got help from Baynes, the
6-foot-10, 254-pound Australian who contributed seven rebounds, six points and

”We’ve got a lot of tough guys on our team Youth
Natrell Jamerson Jersey
,” Stevens said. ”But I think they all will
tell you Baynes is one of the toughest we’ve all been around.”

Now Stevens needs his team to show that same tenacity on the road, where
Boston is just 1-6.

The Cavs, on the other hand, are counting on James to rebound.

He pushed as hard as he could in Game 5, but for one of the only times in
what has been a transcendent 13th postseason, he couldn’t summon greatness.

He didn’t have his usual burst. He bent at the waist grabbing his shorts, his
breathing labored. During timeouts, he wiped sweat and perhaps some frustration
from his forehead.

James is tired – for good reason. His teammates are draining him.

Once again, James, who will play in his 99th game this season
Friday Giants Elite
, didn’t get nearly enough help from Cleveland’s other
starters and Lue didn’t do him any favors, either.

James had 26 points, 10 rebounds and five assists. Solid, but sub-par by his
standards and he committed six turnovers and missed some makeable layups. James
still managed to outscore the rest of Cleveland’s starters – Kevin Love, Tristan
Thompson, George Hill and J.R. Smith – 26-24.

Lue inexplicably left Kyle Korver off the floor for long stretches and
following the game he curiously explained that Stevens’ rotation ”kind of threw
us for a loop.”

Asked Thursday if he wished he had done anything differently, Lue bluntly
said: ”No.”

Thankfully, he’s got James, who has six 40-point games and two buzzer-beaters
in these playoffs, to save the season.

He’s done it once already this spring Cheap Washington
Redskins Hoodie
, playing through cramps and scoring 45 points in a
Game 7 win over Indiana. But he’s played nine games since, and gotten less and
less rest as the playoffs have progressed. His body has been forced to handle
more than he imagined.

James has been down 3-2 in the conference finals before. In 2012, he faced a
Game 6 elimination in Boston and scored 45 points with 15 rebounds and five
rebounds as Miami won.

Now he’s trying to keep this flawed Cavs team alive long enough for another
trip to Boston.

On Friday, James will take the floor with his future hanging in the air. His
second stint with the Cavs could end this summer if he opts out of his $35.6
million contract for next season and leaves again as a free agent, a decision he
can delay again with a win.

But before he picks home or Philadelphia or Los Angeles or anywhere else,
he’s got at least one more game in Cleveland.

Game 6.

”No question in my mind that he’ll bounce back,” Lue said.

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