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Freitag, 15. Juni 2018, 02:36

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, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- Researchers in the
United States and Germany have discovered a part of protein molecules that could
be key to find how proteins interact with each other inside living cells to
carry out specialized functions.

Named by the researchers as "add-ons," because they work the way that
computer software add-ons customize a web interface with a user, the tiny bits
of molecular material on the outer edges of the protein interface are found to
be able to customize what a protein can do.

Proteins are known to have an interface region where they connect with other
However Geronimo
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, before the new findings published in
the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, or PNAS, it was not clear
how key proteins are able to find each other within a cellular environment that
may contain tens of thousands of other proteins.

The researchers at the Ohio State University in the United States and the
University of Regensburg in Germany experimented with live
bacteria Justin
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, determined that in the organism Bacillus
subtilis, or B. subtilis, in which a unique interface add-on is
missing Kentrell
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, bacteria colonies grew 80 percent less
under certain conditions. The reason for this was that the missing interface
add-on led to un-healthy cross-interactions of proteins in the B. subtilis

The University of Regensburg team, led by computational biologist Rainer
Merkl and protein biochemist Reinhard Sterner, analyzed the protein sequences
derived from more than
15 Dean Lowry
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,000 bacterial and archaeal genomes on a large
computer cluster, sorted proteins that shared common evolutionary ancestors into
a kind of family tree, and compared individual proteins to their protein
"relatives Kyle
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," thus leading them to spot interface
structures that were present in some proteins but missing in others.

The Ohio State team then used native mass spectrometry to detect how the
presence and absence of add-ons influenced the ability of proteins to interact
with each other.

"We're really pleased that our native mass spectrometry technology could help
identify the role of these interface 'add-ons' - a way for a protein to find its
critical partner protein even in a crowded cellular environment with similar
structures present," Vicki Wysocki, director of the Campus Chemical Instrument
Center at Ohio
State Jahri
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, was quoted as saying in a news release.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of proteins to life as we know
it, according to the researchers. Enzymes are proteins that enable chemical
reactions in cells; antibodies are proteins that bind to foreign invaders in the
body. The list goes on to include thousands of critical functions. In most
cases, proteins have to connect to each other and form groups called protein
complexes to perform diverse tasks.

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to Europe

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excessive force in Rakhine state

China's bike-sharing company ofo to increase bikes in London

Autumn scenery of Kanas scenic area in NW China's Xinjiang

Chinese Davon
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, Pakistani air forces conduct joint drill

Paddy cultivation area in China's Yanbian surpasses 46,000 hectares

China Focus: Beijing-Shanghai railway speed rises to 350 kph

The Benefits Of Consumer Research Orlando The Benefits Of Consumer Research
Orlando December 17, 2013 | Author: Angela Briggs | Posted in Business

Many companies all over the globe have realized the benefits of consumer
research Orlando. It is a vital step that may determine the success or failure
of a business. It involves getting feedback from customers or consumers about
specific products and services.

interviews Martellus
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, focus groups, internet and phone
surveys, and mailed questionnaires are some of the methods that businesses
should adopt. They have different advantages. A business should take time to
research before deciding on the best options to use.

The popularity of consumer research is as a result of its advantages. This
has made many businesses to adopt it in their strategies. A company can be able
to pin point what the consumers need and want. Knowing the demand of a product a
company offers is important. A firm will be able to avoid offering something
customers do not want. This will lead to more sales and consequently increased

Surveys are immensely important. When doing them clients should be given
multiple product
concepts Ty
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, features, fragrances and styles to
choose from. Customers should list them based on the importance. Questions that
are open-ended or even essay style should also be used. Customers will be able
to choose and help a business determine what they want.

It has helped many businesses determine the cause of some problems. Companies
have used the information gathered to pin point the reason why something is not
popular in the market. This refers to both products and services. There are
multiple reasons for this. For example clients may not like the customer service
department or the goods breaks easily.

Information on the problems that consumers are facing should be sought after.
A company will be in a position to identify them easily through research. The
next step in such a case would be to rectify them.

Businesses focus on maximizing profits and minimizing losses. Research offers
an option that is geared towards reaching this goal. It is beneficial in a
situation which you are introducing new products in the market. Through a phone
survey you can get feedback on a product or service that your customers want.

Researching early is always a good move. A company can get valuable
information that will make them avoid investing money on something that people
do not want. It can also be used to
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