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Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018, 09:49

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De Bruyne Coupe du monde Maillot
, South Korea, July 7 (Xinhua) --
Australia's Michelle Jenneke, who is to compete in women's 100m hurdles at
Gwangju Universiade, is not just one of the country's top track stars, but also
a popular model and a worldwide Youtube sensation.

Jenneke Axel
Witsel Coupe du monde Maillot
, 22, has been ranked as the second-fastest
hurdler in Australia, trailing closely behind national Olympics champion Sally
Pearson, who broke the Olympic record to win the London Games 2012.

Jenneke finished a time of 12.82 seconds in the 100m hurdles event at the
2015 Australian championships. This is only 0.1 seconds off from the top record
held by Pearson.

Jenneke, who won a silver medal for the 100m hurdles at the 2010 Summer Youth
Olympics Jan
Vertonghen Coupe du monde Maillot
, began to make a name for herself at
the 2010 Australian junior championships, where she finished first in the 100m
hurdles and broke the Australian record for the women's sprint medley relay.

She rose to international stardom in 2012, when a video of her dancing
playfully as part of her pre-race warm-up routine at the IAAF world junior
championships went viral on YouTube.

The following year, she appeared in the famous Sports Illustrated Swimming
Issue and has continued to enjoy high popularity among her international fans.

After recently having set a new record, Jenneke is more than ready to excel
in the 100m hurdles event at the Gwangju Universiade.

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INCHEON, South Korea, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- Japanese gymnasts, who won gold
medals in the men's team event, dominated the individual all-around finals on
Tuesday here at the Asian Games.

Yuya Kamoto ranked first in three out of the six apparatus and took the gold
medal with 87.950
points Christian
Kabasele Belgique Maillot
, followed by Masayoshi Yamamoto with 87.500
points. Lee Sang-wook from South Korea won the bronze medal with 87.200 points.

""I focused on the competition the whole time,"" Kamoto said. ""I really want
to win the gold medal of parallel bars and I will try my best in other finals.""

Lee said, ""I have never thought that I could earn a medal because the
Chinese and Japanese gymnasts are really good and I'm a little old in the squad.
I just tried to not to make mistakes and I did 150 percent of my capability. ""

Huang Yuguo and Yang Shengchao from China, the traditional powerhouse in
artistic gymnastics, ranked in fourth and
fifth Laurent
Ciman Belgique Maillot
, yielding the championship to Japan for the first
time in 36 years.

""88 points is my usual level,"" said Yang. ""Today I was a little nervous in
the beginning and thought too much, so there were some mistakes.""

Both Japan and China did not send their top gymnasts here in preparation for
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