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Montag, 28. Mai 2018, 04:10


Adidas Originals as a brand stands for uniqueness, creativity and self-expression, which are reflected in their collection. Adidas is one of the best brands in sports heritage, street & casual clothing. Our adidas originals collection consists of:ナイキ エア フォース1 CNY AO9381-100

Adidas Originals Footwear Trainers & Sneakers - Universal black, indoor tennis mekhak/chalk, stan smith, adicolor low mahoga/tecbl, zx700, zx800, tobacco trainers musbro, montreal trainers dark brown, country 73 tomatia, ecstasy low st. moritz, goodyear race fs white/black, samba, la trainer, zx600, adicolor, santiago and many more.

Some of the "Best Sellers"エア マックス90 レザー 金

* Universal black Fantastic high quality you have come to expect from Adidas. The 2 major features a durable full-grain leather upper with suede-reinforced overlays and a three-zone gum outsole that provides superior traction and control. Also look great with a pair of jeans to be worn at any casual occasion.Superstar CP9502White/Mint Green
* ZX800 Originally released in 1986, the ZX 800 pushed the limits of athletic performance footwear.ナイキ エアレス コレクション エア ジョーダン 11 プレミアム ブラック
* Indoor Tennis Mekhak/Chalk - The Indoor Tennis Mekhak/Chalk is a classic adidas tennis shoe that was originally designed for grass courts with its famous dimple sole and rubber cup outsole.
* Tobacco Trainers Musbro - Mens Adidas Originals Tobacco Trainers Musbro in Black. Fantastic high quality you have come to expect from Adidas.
* LA Trainer - Mens Adidas Originals Blue/Black LA Trainer. Originally designed in the 1980s.

Adidas Originals Clothing & Accessories - Tracksuit tops, Tracksuit Bottoms, T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Scarves Bags, Sweatshirts and Accessories.

Some of the "Best Sellers"

* 3st W.Breaker Powerblu Zip Hood - A classic and simple design, this full zip jacket has a hidden roll away zip hood in the collar, elasticised cuffs, iconic adidas 3 stripes on left arm with adidas logo on left chest and two front zip pockets.
* Dassler Tee M White - Mens white Adidas Originals 3 stripe trefoil retro T-shirt. Dassler Tee M white is a fine quality t-shirt from Adidas.
* Adidas Originals Polo T-shirt - Adidas has redefined the polo shirt with new bold colours, and the welcome addition of the iconic 3-Stripes.
* Adidas trefoil t-shirt - New in for Spring 2008, the classic Adidas Trefoil t-shirt.

Skateboarders, football stars and basketball players all get the nod for their contribution to the Originals brand, the lifestyle branch of adidas offering, in its first integrated brand and product campaign. The campaign commemorates adidas Originals history and tells the story of the cultural movements in which the brand has been involved since its inception.Nike x CLOT air force 1 Prem af1

If you want to get more information on Adidas Originals, feel free to get in touch with Substance Designer Clothing. With Substances rare and exclusive mix of brands we hope to provide our clients with a sense of individuality and class!

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