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Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018, 06:27

backtester Air Max 90 Shoes Sale

Debugging in MQL MQL is a very basic scripting language.
Fixing bugs in MQL Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes
, unfortunately, is not simple at all. The MetaEditor compiler
that MetaQuotes provides simply does not incorporate the highly developed tools
that most programmers are accustomed to using.

MQL4 bug fixing

Visual Studio and other sophisticated IDEs (integrated
development environments) contain many features that make it easy to fix code
while the coder writes it. The greatest illustration of this are break points. A
break point is a point in the program where the compiler informs the computer to
stop executing the code when it arrives at that specific line.

the example where a trailing stop sets a new stop inaccurately. The common
instinct for most programmers would be to run the expert advisor on the visual
backtester, then insert break points on the lines of code shortly after the
trailing stop calculations. Break points stop the code, allowing the coder to
peer inside the heart of the EA to see what it saw at the time it made a
decision. The key advantage in Visual Studio is that the values of all of the
variables are clearly visible. It is possible to walk through the program step
by step. Whenever one of the steps does not follow the desired rules Nike
Air Max 90 Shoes Sale
, the required modification is usually
obvious. MetaQuotes thankfully included break points in MQL5. They are not
available in MQL4.

The absence of full intellisense support inhibits my
programming speed more than anything. Intellisense observes the use of reserved
words like OrderSelect() or ObjectGet(). The MetaEditor includes a rudimentary
intellisense, but it lacks the fine details that make it so convenient in Visual

I am used to programming in C# where I can type the first few
letters of a variable or class, then the IDE fills out the rest. When I type
"Mes" in C# and press the space bar, I know that the MessageBox option will
appear (assuming that I declared the appropriate namespace). The MetaEditor
includes a list of candidates for reserved words. The programmer must then
either choose the option with the mouse or press enter.

I know it seems
trivial to require pushing enter in lieu of the space bar Nike Air
Max Shoes Sale
, but think about how many times code resuses the
same reserved words or variables. The extra presses of keys really do add up to
a lot of unnecessary typing actions. That's doubly true for a thirty year old
that already wears a wrist brace for carpal tunnel pain.

The MetaEditor's
biggest weakness is that it does not discover variable names. We often write
expert advisors that comprise several thousand lines of code. Tracking the names
of tens of variables poses its own challenges. When the coder types in the same
set of variable names repeatedly, it would be nice to simply type the first
three letters and move on. Copy and paste might provide a decent alternative.
The problem is that variables usually group together. You cannot keep 5
different copy and paste items readily available.

The MetaEditor allows
functions to return invalid types. Functions declared as double can return
strings, integers or nothing at all. The MQL4 compiler does not track whether or
not these are valid. It leaves it up to the programmer to discover the invalid
type during real time testing. This oversight is a nightmare for the unwitting
programmer that mistakenly returns the wrong type.

This is even more true
when a double function is erroneously returned to an integer variable. MQL4 does
not forbid illegal double to int casts. Even worse, the expert advisor continues
running with a 0 value for the interger instead of throwing an exception or
error message. I cannot count how many hours that I've lost tracking down
variables that look dead-on Air Max TN Shoes Sale , only
to realize that I declared the wrong data type. This usually happens when I'm on
autopilot, pounding out code. What appears efficient at the time frequently
costs several hours of hair pulling irritation.

MQL bug fixing

The MQL programmers on staff here usually resort to any of the
following techniques. You may find that testing them in groups assists with
improving the debugging process even more.

Debug compiler

This one can be the most frustrating. The MetaEditor attempts to
hint at which line of code causes the compiling error. I say attempts because it
gets it wrong more often than it gets it right. There's nothing more irritating
than looking at a perfectly legitimate line of code that the compiler flags as

I almost always resort to commenting out more and more large
blocks of code until the issue leaves. I start with commenting out a single line
of code. If that doesn't work, then I comment out ten lines. If that doesn't
work, I may comment out entire functions or blocks of code. When the compiler
finally runs properly Air Max 2018 Shoes Sale ,
you know that the last section of commented out code comprises the

Next, you work backwards. Commence with making the offending
commented-out section smaller and smaller until the error reappears. Now, you
have finally zeroed in on the actual source of the problem.

Debug in real
time or on the backtester

My favorite technique of debugging is to
comment most of the relevant decision information onto the screen, which is done
using the Comment() function. I then run the visual backtester Air Max 90
Shoes Sale
, watching how the data behaves in relation to the
visual information.

On screen comments are essentially jury-rigged break
points. Controlling how and when they appear allows the programmer to step
through the code to uncover the issue. The only difference is that comments do
not forcefully prevent the code from running. The text which appears is very
small. Aside from that, I really like that fact that it's so robust. The comment
function always works without a hitch, making it the best friend of a coder
that's troubleshooting code.

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