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Dienstag, 2. Januar 2018, 02:50

Finishing with a top-three draft pick

If you're not going to have your franchise quarterback during what's clearly a rebuilding season, why not speed up the process with a top-three draft pick? The Colts will finish with their worst record since finishing 2-14 in 2011 largely because quarterback Andrew Luck (shoulder) missed the entire season. General manager Chris Ballard can use the high draft pick to address the Colts' desperate need to find a pass-rusher or get more help on the offensive line.

Worst moment: Andrew Luck missing all of 2017 Luck needed right shoulder surgery in January after playing with it injured for more than 16 months. Owner Jim Irsay sounded optimistic when he said the surgery wasn't major and that his franchise QB would be ready for the regular season. Evidently Irsay must have meant the 2018 season, and now it's at the point where he's probably just hoping they'll have Luck in 2018. Luck missed all of the team's offseason workouts, training camp, preseason games and the regular season. -- Mike Wells
The Jaguars have been able to overcome setbacks all season -- from losing wide receiver…ny-Bower-Jersey Allen Robinson in the season opener to having top-pick Leonard Fournette miss three games -- so there haven't been a lot of terrible moments. However, the loss in San Francisco tainted what should have been one of the most triumphant days in franchise history. The Jags clinched their first division title since 1999 when the Rams beat Tennessee earlier in the day, but they went on to have their worst game of the season in the loss to the 49ers. It was hard to really celebrate winning the division after that debacle. -- Mike DiRocco
Marcus Mariota returned from a one-game injury absence to put in arguably his best performance http://www.chicagoblackhawksofficialonli…an-Hossa-Jersey of the season, throwing for 306 yards. It was one of two 300-yard passing games for Mariota this season. Derrick Henry also ran for 131 yards and a touchdown. The offense was exciting, explosive and effective -- for at least one game -- with the world watching on Monday Night Football. The win snapped a two-game losing streak, and, of course, they finally got the monkey off their back. They would later sweep the Colts for the first time since 2002.
Worst moment: The embarrassing 57-14 loss to the Texans in Week 4 The Titans' last-season slide was disappointing, but this blowout loss is worse. Tennessee was coming off a high of beating a relatively healthy Seahawks team in Week 3 before getting outclassed by the Deshaun Watson show in Houston. To make matters worse, Mariota injured his hamstring that day. It's an injury that affected him for the weeks that followed. This is also the day the national buzz around the Titans came to a crashing halt. -- Cameron Wolfe
When cornerback Aqib Talib cut in front of Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant to snatch a Dak Prescott pass then sprinted 103 yards for a game-punctuating touchdown, with the home crowd in a full-throated frenzy in the final minute of the win, the Broncos genuinely believed they had shown they were among the league's elite. Two weeks later, they entered their bye at 3-1, eyeing the postseason, only to see their season http://www.panthersfootballofficialonlin…j-Jansen-Jersey collapse into an eight-game losing streak. Worst moment: Losing to the Giants at home in Week 6
If you have your longest losing streak since 1967, as the Broncos did after losing eight in a row, and you suffer your first shutout loss in a quarter-century, it means there has been no shortage of bad moments. But nothing was the same after the Broncos lost 23-10 to the previously winless Giants. Denver outgained New York 412 to 296, but the problems that ruined Brice McCain Jersey the Broncos' season -- turnovers, unreliable special-teams play and the inability to play their best in the moments when games were decided -- spoiled this game and really never left. -- Jeff Legwold
Once considered a maverick owner, Jones was enshrined on Aug. 5, Cody Whitehair Authentic Jersey making him part of the most exclusive club in pro football. Jones was rewarded as much for his three Super Bowl wins in the 1990s as he was for changing the NFL's business model. Hours after his enshrinement, Jones threw a memorable party that included a live performance by Justin Timberlake where Jones and commissioner Roger Goodell seemed to get along amiably. In the months that followed, things certainly Authentic Joey Rickard Jersey changed, with Jones fighting Goodell's extension and threatening a lawsuit. Worst moment: Ezekiel Elliott's suspension
The initial hope in fighting a six-game suspension handed down on Aug. 11 was for Elliott to play in the season opener, but he managed to play the first eight games through a series of legal maneuverings. On Nov. 9, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York denied Elliott's motion for an injunction, and six days later, the running back dropped his entire legal fight. The Cowboys went 3-3 in Elliott's absence, but not even his return could salvage a run to the playoffs. -- Todd Archer…id=15978&page=1

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