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Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017, 01:27

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It doesn t matter whether your practice is just one doctor at
one location Wholesale NFL
, or a number of physicians across a multi office network.
Either way, to realize a successful electronic medical records system (EMR), you
ll need to start by developing the system infrastructure, the physical guts of
the network, if you will.

Usually a contractor will take care of the
network wiring at your office and multi office network. It is wise to select a
contractor that has been certified by the Building Industry Consulting Service
International (BICSI). Certified contractors will be well versed in the terms
and issues at the present moment, and could help avoid a surprise like an
incompatible connection or the need to pay high labor costs to repair a network
which was not designed correctly in the first place.

Examine the specific
needs of every individual location:

SECURITY: Don t forget security! Make
the wiring closet secure, and remember that anyone with access to this closet
can dismantle your network at any time.

COOLING: Network and server
equipment create abundant heat and also tend to shut down when over heated. Plan
for this heat by making sure you have adequate cooling at the ready; you may
consider installing a small air conditioning unit.

WIRELESS: Considering
wireless networking, also known as WiFi? If you are, you will have to choose a
standard: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11h? There are newer standards which
provide higher data transfer speeds Wholesale Jerseys From
, but these systems cost significantly more. The wireless
standard that you select should depend on whether you re running a thin or fat

OVERWIRE: Most existing buildings are wired above the ceiling.
Wiring is then dropped down the walls. When wiring, we recommend double drops,
as the largest cost of wire installation is the labor. If, when wiring,
everywhere you think of a network connection, you wire two drops, you will thank
yourself when you want to annex more network devices (networked printer, time
clock, wireless access point, kiosk, for example). It s wise to consider
installing a network drop wherever you anticipate the placement of diagnostic
equipment, as this will help facilitate future interface

ELECTRICITY: It s standard IT practice to spend a bit extra to
have a certified electrician install circuits for your network and servers.
Typical Cat5e wires have either T568A or T568B as a standard. Select either one
and be sure everything is wired to the same standard. The Cat6 wire standard is
newer and a bit more expensive Wholesale Jerseys
, probably a bit overkill for most medical practices. Copper
wires between telephone communications closets should not contain segments
longer than a hundred meters.

Consider using fiberoptic cable for longer
wiring distances, as these cables can move more information and is not as
vulnerable to interference and effects from lightning. Fiberoptic is a bit more
expensive, however.
To make a connection between remote offices, you ll have
to create a wide area network, or WAN. By doing your homework, you should be
able to get a clear sense of the wide area network options which are available
to you. In most cases, large metropolitan areas have better options for wide
area networking.

LOCAL PHONE SERVICE: Meet and understand your local
service technicians and sales people. They understand the technological
offerings in your geographic area. Some points to consider include T1 lines:
would a Point to Point (PTP) or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) be more
beneficial? Be sure to inquire about both burst and committed info rates. A fast
T1 connection may not be enough for your needs if the max is not there when you
need it most. Will the phone company supply and maintain the router hardware, or
is that your responsibility?

FIBER BACKBONES: Local utilities commonly
maintain a fiber backbone which they allow businesses access to. These fiber
backbones can create options for high (10 100Mpbs) bandwidth rates between
office locations at rates that are quite competitive.

The cost of a
network infrastructure is much lower in a new building. Actually, the ability to
oversee the creation of network wiring in a building under construction is a
huge advantage for clear design and reduced costs. However, the majority of
practices will be located in an existing building, and especially in these
cases, sound design and forethought in infrastructure planning will help save
your practice from the costs and disappointment of a network design blunder.
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