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Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017, 02:07

Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill’s participation in next year’s World Cup finals is uncertain after the Socceroos striker and his A-League club, Melbourne City, announced they have mutually agreed to part ways. Cahill, Australia’s all-time leading goalscorer, leaves the club on his 38th birthday, in the middle of the domestic season and with just six months to…Williams-Jersey go before the tournament in Russia kicks off. Cahill has scored 50 goals in 104 national appearances, and said his focus will now be on retaining his place in the Socceroos squad and playing at a fourth World Cup. Presumably, that means finding a club as soon as possible. Yet his next move remains unknown, with Adelaide United’s general manager of football Ante Kovacevic saying he would discuss with coach Marco Kurz the possibility of luring Cahill to South Australia. However, it is more likely he will head overseas, most probably to the Middle East, to find the match minutes he craves. Cahill, who has been used sparingly by City coach Warren Joyce this season and started just one match, indicated after he helped Australia to World Cup qualification in their intercontinental playoff win over Honduras last month that he needed regular playing Womens Bruce Ellington Jersey time if he was to make the plane to Russia. “Qualifying for the World Cup has been a great adventure, and it would be a massive honour to represent my country in Russia,” he said. “That will be my focus in the coming months.” What happens to Cahill during that period is sure to be of interest to whoever takes on the Socceroos’ coaching position. Football Federation Australia said on Tuesday it had appointed a panel to decide who will succeed Ange Postecoglou by February. There remains a certain reliance on Cahill for goals at international level, and it was the veteran’s brace against Syria in the Asian qualifying playoff that kept alive the Socceroos’ hopes of reaching Russia. The former Everton player, who started his senior at Millwall and later had spells in the US with New York Red Bulls and in China with Shanghai Shenhua and Hangzhou Greentown, joined City on a three-year contract at the start of the 2016-17 season. Having scored in his first game back in Australia – an FFA Cup tie – his A-League career then started with a bang as he scored one of the goals of the season – a spectacular long-range effort in the Melbourne derby on his league debut. He went on to Austin Hooper Jersey add a further 12 goals to his Charley Taylor Jersey tally, none this season, before his shock departure. He helped City win the club’s first piece on silverware – the FFA Cup in 2016 – but his time back…ose-jersey.html in his country of birth was also marked by injury and, at times, controversy. He was sent off before entering the field of play in another Melbourne derby in February this year and one of his goal celebrations against Syria in Pascal Dupuis Jersey October raised eyebrows.…p?f=35&t=770065…id=14288#p14288

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