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Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017, 01:00

teflon anticorrosion tight lining

Jiangsu Ruineng Anticorrosion Equipment Co.,LTD(ex-name Taizhou Ruipu Chmical Equipment Co.,LTD),established in 1994,the registered capital was 20.16 million RMB,and covers an area of 28000 square meters,the fixed asset is more than 38 million RMB,exciting staff 126,2 senior engineers,15 professional and technical personnel. The company is sinopec material resource market member,metallurgical department for the center with electrical member,the bank AAA grade credit enterprise,jiangsu quality trustworthy company, and the company has passed ISO9001 quality certification,and the products has successively been detection for qualified products,and has six patents,the company has won a high-tech enterprise of jiangsu province.
After nearly 20years of development,the company has four subsidiary companies which are Jiangsu Ruipu Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co.,LTD,Jiangsu Betty Pipe Fittings Co.,LTD,Taizhou YongFeng Pressure Vessel Manufacture Co.,LTD,Jiangsu Amkor Pipe Equipment Co.,LTD,Qingdao JEIL E&S Co.,LTD.there companys involve anticorrosive equipment,chlorinate alkali ionic menbrane salt water refining,industrial wastewater treatment,MVR evaporator,and other related industries. At the and of 2010,successfully set up branch company in Vancouver,Canada
The company has PTEE/PFA anticorrosion technology research center and fully functional testing center,cooperate with the international famous industrial fluorine plastic company,use Japanese advanced PTEE lining technology,successfully solve the difficulty of large tanks fluorine anticorrosion technology,the size of the equipment can be reached more than 4meters in diameter,15meters length. The company currently has the largest fluorine high-performance roller coating,paint spraying equipment to meet the diverse needs of customers,and has a nice prospect of the future market.
In the past 20 years of development,the company has obtained the remarkable achievement,during”1025”period,in the spirit of “unity,innovation,professional,practical”,we guided by the scientific development concept,and improve the ability of independent innovation,and constantly expand and improve corrosion series product,built our company as the world famous enterprise.teflon anticorrosion tight lining

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