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Montag, 4. Dezember 2017, 03:17

adidas climacool 02/17

adidas climacool 02/17 That should all change soon though thanks to the introduction of the modern, streetwear-ready adidas ClimaCOOL 02/17. The adidas ClimaCOOL 02/17 features a simple slip-on upper featuring the bold ClimaCool textile throughout while an aggressive semi-transparent midfoot shank steals the show. This look is rather similar to what adidas Originals did with the EQT line thanks to a jagged midsole and a simple yet clean profile with just the right amount of OG inspiration.

Adidas is revisiting its adidas climacool 1 retro runner once again, and will this time bring the shoe back alongside a more contemporary version. The modern reimagining of the ClimaCool has molded TPU branding on the upper, a new rubber outsole, and a sharper shape in line with similar updates from Adidas' EQT line. The shoe will arrive in the original white/black/red ClimaCool colorway.

adidas shoes has a long history of trendsetting, and the ClimaCool is direct evidence of this. It’s a meshed out model that existed when leather and suede ran the game and to help it better reflect the times they’ve given it a bit of retooling. Seen here are the OG and its predecessor. The adidas ClimaCool 1 is chock full of all of its original flavor including plastic paneling that provides both support and ventilation. The ClimaCool 20/17, on the other hand, has been slimmed down and souped up with a feel more aligned with the current crop of runners on the market today.

The adidas shoes 2017 new model ClimaCOOL 15th Anniversary Pack brings back the ClimaCOOL 1 in its original White/Black-Red option and the ClimaCOOL 02/17 follows suit. The head-turning new model utilizes a translucent midsole shank for extra support, bold ventilated mesh throughout the slip-on upper, and a sleek midsole that rivals anything in the recently revitalized adidas Equipment series.

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