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Montag, 27. November 2017, 03:28

Antonio Conte takes Chelsea

Antonio Conte has embarked for Anfield in combative mood. Chelsea take on Liverpool in the weekend’s most anticipated fixture but the manager prefaced it by opening up a new line of complaint against his employers, over the contract of Thibaut Courtois, while continuing to air grievances over a congested fixture list. The Chelsea goalkeeper is under contract at Stamford Bridge until the end of next season but the player Conte believes will be “the best in the world” said…n_Jersey_Adidasthis week there has been no progress on a new deal and he is happy to wait until the end of the season to…-jr-jersey.html pursue discussions. When asked to comment on Courtois’ remarks in his pre-match press conference, Conte said the onus lay on the club to fix the situation. “I must be honest, I think that this question is for the club, not for me,” he said. “I like to give my opinion about technical decisions. It is important for the club to face this issue, to face this contract with Courtois. For sure I can tell that Courtois Darrell Green Authentic Jersey is one of the best, maybe the best goalkeeper in the world, and he is a player who is very important for Chelsea. I can tell this. But for sure the renewal is a task for the club. “If a big player decides to not sign a new contract it is difficult for a club to try to avoid this issue,” Conte went on. “But at the same time I think there is space to try to deal with the issue and try to Jason Heyward Womens Jersey solve the situation. Maybe [Alexis] Sánchez and [Mesut] Özil they are finishing their contracts with Arsenal and it is not simple but every club has to try solve the situations.” Chelsea made a 6,000-mile round trip to Azerbaijan in midweek, touching down in London only at the second time of asking because…rt_Jersey_Cheapof bad weather. But while he admitted to being disconcerted by these events Conte was more keen to repeat his insistence that Chelsea have been unfairly done by in the allocation of fixtures. “It was a lot of wind and we tried to land the first time but it was impossible,” said Conte, whose side were 4-0 winners against Qarabag, of the emergency landing at Gatwick. “Then the captain tried again and the second time it was positive. As you know in these circumstances you feel a bit afraid, you are a bit scared, but the captain was very good. “It was a problem to land. I think that to get to your house at 6am is not simple. It’s not simple then to rest and recover for only one day and to prepare for a big game. It’s not right, I must be honest. But we have to do it and today we had a good training session and we tried to prepare the game very well.” Conte says he has asked his club to do what they can to ensure such a compressed fixture schedule does not recur but says he has not made a complaint to Tajae Sharpe Authentic Jersey the Premier League. The Italian was also critical after Chelsea faced Manchester City in the Premier League in September, two days after returning from a Champions League away fixture with Atlético Madrid. “I tried to speak with my club about this problem and to pay more attention for the future,” Conte said. “This is not the first time. In only one month and a half we have had two situations and, also, it was before big games, against Manchester City and now against Liverpool. “I think [the Premier League] have to pay more attention and Bobby Wagner Jersey try to give the same possibilities to all teams to recover in the right way, in the same way, and not to try to create a problem for only one team.…ness-booms-84-7…w/post_id/48067….php?f=1&t=6911

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