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Mittwoch, 1. November 2017, 01:07

what will best help you meet your business plan

Language Consultancy Services™ Pvt. Ltd. (LCS®) is ISO
9001:2015 certified company for quality management systems. As a leading global
language solutions provider New
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, which was established in 2005 and
incorporated as Private Limited Company in 2008, LCS® enables companies to enter
global markets with supreme quality multilingual products. At LCS we strive for
perfection which ensures exceeding client’s expectations by delivering reliable
and highest quality of translation services.

Services We Offer: We
provide myriad language translation services like translation, localization (Web
and software), transcription, voice over, interpretation, content writing
(development, writing and proof reading), DTP (Desktop publishing), validation,
and E-learning services that facilitate growth and evolution of the companies
across the globe.

Video Transcription

The advent of YouTube and
low cost digital cameras have revolutionized the way companies reach their
target audiences on the web. Video Transcription is one such way through which
search-able texts are generated such that your content can be easily found on
the internet using search engines.

At LCS, specialized tools are used for
uploading and transcribing audiovideo, irrespective of its source such as
YouTube, URL or the video file directly. We accept a broad range of file formats
such as .mp4, .video, .mov Minnesota
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, and .avi, which ensures easy uploading
on our site.

Video transcription is often attempted in different ways by
different people. However, our experts are approached by several such people for
quality transcription after multiple failed attempts. The major problem with
doing in-house transcription is that the time of your valuable resources like
your employees is consumed in turning them into transcription professionals
which eventually cost you much more than the actual cost.


After the transcription of the audio or video files, we can
translate it into many different Indian and foreign languages as per the
client’s requirements. Our translation services are seamlessly integrated with
our captioningsubtitling services. Hence, LCS can provide you with
transcription, translations and subtitling services under one roof. Our
interactive transcript, several video plugins and captions plugin are also an
integral part of our multilingual translation process.

How it Works: The
first step is to upload your audiovideo for transcription followed by
translation, after which subtitlingclosed captioning is done by our in-house
technical team. While doing transcription and translation, it is often helpful
to provide us a glossary of terms to be used.

Output Formats for
Multilingual Transcripts and Subtitles: After the transcription and translation
of your files, they are instantly made available to you for downloading.
Subtitle formats include DFXP (for Adobe Flash), multilingual DFXP, SCC for iOS,
SRT, QuickText (for QuickTime), RealText (for Real Media), VTT Milwaukee
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, iTunes, Adobe Encore, SMI or SAMI (for Windows
Media), SBV (for YouTube), STL (for DVD Studio Pro), WMP.TXT (also for Windows
Media), and Captionate. Transcript formats include Word Doc, plain text, HTML,
XML and JSON. We are also proficient in building custom translation formats as
per requirement.

Translation Process and Quality: Translations are always
done by professional translators who accurately capture the cultural nuances of
the targeted audiovideo files. The linguists associated with us have domain
specific expertise across an array of sectors including legal, technology,
finance, marketing, healthcare, government, and education. Our translators do
not follow the literal approach of translation i.e. word to word
translation Miami
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, rather the document is read as if they were
written in the target language, and are translated according to the context in
the actual video. Our objective to ensure that your message reaches your target
audience accurately and effectively in your target market and culture is our

SubtitlingClosed Captioning

We can produce closed
captions with precise timecodes ready for use in any video platform. We offer
all updated different caption output formats which may be required. There is a
wide range of formats that you can choose from without having to pay extra
charges for the same, and receive your caption files within no time via
download, email, or delivered directly to your video platform.

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