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Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017, 09:52

adidas iniki runner boost red

adidas Originals releases the adidas iniki red and black silhouette executed in a Navy color scheme. This model features a fully breathable two-way stretch mesh upper accented with premium suede overlay. Other elements include - the comfortable concealed sock-like construction, the textile tongue with adidas branding, the Iniki branding on the side panels, tonal laces, rose gold metal aglets, printed serrated 3-Stripes branding, the OrthoLite inner liner, all atop a comfortable full Boost midsole and webbed rubber gum outsole.

So far, 2017 has been jam-packed with a plethora of BOOST-technology sneaker releases. With a handful of new adidas iniki grey and white silhouette schemes, to classic models receiving a BOOST-treatment of their own, It doesn't stop Adidas from giving more.
On the 1st of March, Adidas brings out the "Iniki Runner", a newly-designed BOOST silhouette with a retro look, inspired by mixing the past with the present. The Iniki Runner is constructed using a stretch-mesh/suede material on the upper, merged with a BOOST-tech midsole and a webbed gum outsole. The upper provides a sock-like structure that moulds to your feet, with comfortability and grip contributed by the sole.

The adidas iniki runner black and pink comes in two colour ways: Navy and Red, which will be available for purchase this coming Wednesday, March 1st. Customers will be able to purchase the Iniki Runner at our Downtown Markham location, with remaining pairs set for purchase online at 8PM EST later that day. Since this is a limited release, all sales toward a purchase of either silhouette is final sale.

The adidas iniki runner boost red takes inspiration from 1970s running culture and features a paneled construction of two-way stretch mesh with vintage suede overlays, finished with a shiny-mesh tongue, pays homage to classic runner constructions, whilst printed serrated 3-stripes marks reimagine an essential component of adidas heritage. The Iniki then offers total evolution, utilizing a concealed sock-fit design, OrthoLite sockliner and BOOST midsole unit. Subtle details such as copper-tipped laces and a gum rubber tooling completes the contemporary-classic design, creating an authentic unity of the old and new.

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