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Samstag, 8. Juli 2017, 13:06

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On any given day Aunty Bibiana Hernandez can be seen tending to her daily chores around her yard, a task she has done for many years.The centenarian with one of her great grands.Born Bibiana Peters, she celebrated her 100th birth anniversary in December last and recently the family held a thanksgiving service in her honour at her Bunbury Hill home in the Mabaruma Sub-Region.Coming from a family of eight, Aunty Bibiana is the eldest of the lot, followed by Genevieve Mc Kinnon, 80 and Maureen Croal, 60.Her younger siblings still look up to her for advice.Aunty Bibiana is of mixed race – Portuguese, Amerindian (Arawak) and Chinese. Her husband passed away almost 20 years ago.She recalled attending school in the riverine community at Morawhanna, before her family brought her to the city to further her studies. She soon returned to the North West District and settled at Mabaruma , the main administrative centre of the region. It was there,Wholesale Jerseys, while living with another sibling, that she met her husband, whom she described as a great cricketer.The little lady soon married the lucky gentleman at the tender age of 15 and she later moved back to her birthplace at Bunbury Hill. The couple was said to be the very first persons to have taken up residence in the hill-top community and to start a family there.A staunch Roman Catholic, she describes herself as

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