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Mittwoch, 8. März 2017, 03:44

Converse is celebrating with a new collection of vibrantly

After its initial run of simple and clean solid colorways, the converse chuck taylor all star uk appears to be expanding into the realm of graphics and patterns in 2016. Like what has been done so often before, Converse uses the canvas that is the Chuck Taylor for some sneaker art, with this “Marble” pack by the First String division. The premium, Lunarlon-upgraded Chuck Taylor II is featured in a black or white marble upper, with reflective accenting in the heel panel and laces for some extra flash. The Converse First String CTAS II is arriving now at finer Converse retailers worldwide.

It took almost a century for converse chuck taylor all star shoes to introduce a true and through sequel to their iconic All-Star model with the Converse Chuck Taylor II, and they didn’t disappoint. The pair utilizes a bolstered leather tongue for added support, Lunarlon technology, and more all while maintaining the classic look of the original. The latest trio of releases finds inspiration from luxury sedan interiors with the “Car Leather” Pack. Three monochromatic quilted uppers are accented by a micro-perforated tongue and matching eyelets for a premium look. Available today from UBIQ for $95 each.

Spring his here so Converse is celebrating with a new collection of vibrantly colored converse chuck taylor all star '70 hi pairs seemingly straight from a pack of Crayola crayons. The combination of primary and secondary colors showcases the classic Chuck Taylor Low in yellow, navy, red, green, and light blue for a the perfect introduction to the Americana specialist’s upcoming seasonal options. Perfect for those of you looking for a bolder take atop the iconic model, you can check out more photos of these Lowtop Chucks below and know that international retailers like Titolo are stocking each colorway today.

Liquid Gold and Silver finishes on your favorite lifestyle models are nothing new. Nike Sportswear started the trend atop ubiquitous models like the Air Max 1 and then the look trickled down to other brands like adidas (with their adidas Superstar shell-toes and even Puma). Now Converse is getting in on the action with these women’s exclusive converse chuck taylor all star core shoes pairs. Available in a metallic silver high top or a premium gold low, the monochromatic uppers exude a certain luxurious luminous finish. The respective midsoles skip over the clean white finish for a sloppily painted matching shade for an artistic splattered look that’s sure to please. Grab each pair today via select retailers like KITH.

A little over a year ago, Converse introduced the converse all star ctas slip on trainers boot. This ruggedized take on the iconic Chuck Taylor hightop debuted with one black leather pair that included a gum outsole, a timeless style whose popularity we see echoed today with a reprisal of that same combo. These too are done in black leather with gum on bottom, but instead of just the outsole, these put the golden brown rubber on the entire sole including the All Star’s famed toe cap.

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