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Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018, 07:35

Nike air presto is getting a new velvet

The men’s and women’s pack utilizes a number of their most popular and technologically advanced running models like the Nike Free RN, the nike air pegasus 33 hombre, and the Nike LunarGlide 8, each shining in a simple ominous black upper with metallic gold accents and branding. The thought process here is that you should be going for gold on all of your goals – every run has a purpose and is a reason to celebrate. Now you can just do it in style.

Just like the Air Force 1’s and Tennis Classic we’ve seen with the Chinese text in the past, it’s another classic silhouette that receives the special edition once again with this upcoming Cortez. The leather zapatillas nike classic cortez hombre receives its classic white and red colorway with a twist: blue Swooshes on each medial side. The “Nai Ke” Chinese characters are then found on each heel.

The nike air huarache comprar is getting the premium touch with the infusion of snakeskin material on its upper. The new colorway sees a familiar “Black/Gum” scheme adorn the shoe with a couple new twists. First, the all-black upper features overlays of a patent leather “snakeskin” on the toebox and midfoot. The shoe also gets an adaptation to its gum bottom, as the outsole actually appears to be somewhat translucent instead of the traditional flat gum coloring.

The nike air presto mujer baratas is getting a new Velvet Brown paint job just in time for the close of fall and beginning of winter. The Nike Air Presto Essential “Velvet Brown” sees the sock-like upper of the shoe adorned in a dark brown with Light Bone and white accents on the upper, tongue and midsole. Though this colorway does seem to be a good fit for this time of year, it may have been even better fit as a Presto Mid to be that much more wearable during the colder months.

By any measure, their jacquard fabrication is princely in its knitted comfort and simplicity. The breathable material adorns the latest nike air max thea baratas Jacquard, bridging the gap between nostalgic “Air” and the latest technology in footwear. Seeing continued use over a wealth of Air Max silhouettes, this edition employs a patterned black and gold base with stark black encapsulating the knitted upper.

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