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Montag, 23. Oktober 2017, 03:49

nike shoes

Nike, the nike uk brand family Yu Xiao, known far and near, no one in the world do not know the brand. Nike is currently in the sporting goods industry is the world's first position, many young people in the mind in the first place.

NIKE shoes is nike 2017 characterized by air cushion, NIKE air cushion a total of five basic forms: airborne, the total air tuning air. Among them, tuned air is now basically hard to see. Air soles: NIKE developed the first air cushion technology, the principle is to high pressure into the gas into a tough synthetic rubber layer, and into the rubber layer for gas treatment, so that it can not pass through the outer rubber. In the buffer capacity, stability and response speed and other aspects of the performance is more balanced, is a ""mild"" air cushion.

A variety of nike cortez special materials have different functions, with the perfect design of special materials, to play the greatest role in the use, especially in the protection of the foot, so that users can reduce the movement, walking, prolonged damage, and can be both beautiful and practical. Style diversity, a lot of color, and each season will have activities to do special style shoes.

Nike shoes suitable nike shoes for playing, have a good impact, you can protect the ankle, so that the foot is not easy to hurt. Of course there are good-looking, can be said that internal and external. There are a variety of sports shoes, each movement has found the right shoes, not only in the movement to play the greatest effect, the most important thing is to make the feet comfortable, there is a good protection of your feet, really a lot of money , Nike shoes have air cushion design, can make our feet more comfortable, can also release the pressure, very much in line with human needs.

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